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Up To 97% of People Read Google Reviews To Assess Your Online Reputation AND Decide To Call, Contact or Visit You OR Your Competitors, So...

Are Your Google Reviews Helping You Attract More Leads and New Customers, Clients or Patients OR Costing You a Fortune in Lost Revenue?
 Get Your Reputation Back Fast With the Only Automated Review Gathering and Reputation Marketing System Delivering Your Business an Ongoing Flow of New 5-Star Google Reviews, Including up to 25-100+ in the First 5-30 Days, on Autopilot!

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 Why Your Reputation Matters and NEED a Continuous Stream of  New 5-Star Google Reviews AND Excellent Google Review Profile at ALL Times
Google reviews are the single-most important factor 
potential new customers, clients and patients consider to
research, assess and compare your business to your
competitors' when deciding whether to call, contact or
visit your business OR your competitions'
Before deciding to call, contact or visit your business, up to
97% of potential customers, clients and patients first read
an average of up to 11 of your Google reviews to assess
your online reputation and use it as the reason to call,
contact or visit your business or not to
84% trust Google reviews from complete strangers as 
much as personal recommendation from a friend,
colleague, family member and/or referral source
Attaining and always maintaining an excellent Google 
review profile is proven to generate more leads and new
customers, clients and patients while also decreasing your
new lead and business acquisition costs across ALL your 
marketing and advertising campaigns
86% believe Google reviews 90 days and older are not
relevant and discount or ignore when assessing your
online reputation and deciding whether to call, contact
or visit your business OR your competitions'
 12% of potential new customers, clients and patients will
only consider a business with a perfect 5.0 Google review 
rating, just 74% will consider a business with a 4.0 to 4.4 
rating and only 48% when a business' rating is less than 4.0
Reviews are one of Google's biggest ranking factors when
ranking your Google Business Profile ("GBP") in Google
Maps, including the top three (3) spots ("3-Pack"), which are
known for producing significant numbers of new leads
when you also have an excellent Google review profile
Your Google reviews profile is the key to generating more
leads and acquiring additional new customers, clients or
patients for less cost, on a cost-per-lead and new business
acquired basis
Google reviews also directly impact your GBP and website rankings, how much online traffic you generate, along with how many leads your business generates and new customers, clients or patients you acquire, regardless if you generate new leads with...

SEO, automated lead systems, pay-per-lead (PPL), YouTube Ads, Google Ads (PPC), Google Local Service Ads, retargeting/remarketing, social media and/or other methods.

When it comes to your online reputation and Google reviews, it does not matter whether your lead generation and/or digital marketing is managed by an outside digital agency and/or performed in-house.

What does matter is always having and maintaining an excellent Google review profile because if you don't, you're leaving new leads and new business on the table for your competitors to scoop up.

And if your digital marketing agency

Moreover, your Google review rating can have a major effect on your business' revenue.

A Harvard Business School study found that a 1-star review rating increase results in up to a corresponding 11% revenue increase.

With the above data, stats and facts, you should now have a clear understanding why attaining and maintaining an excellent Google review profile is a must and not an option.

Your Google review profile is the key to unlocking more leads and new business for less cost.

And the faster you focus on your Google review profile and elevate it to excellent status (and maintain at that level)...

The faster you can reap all the financial rewards and benefits that follow.

And that's exactly what our proprietary Google review gathering and reputation marketing system can do for you.*

*We can also generate reviews from virtually any and all review sites in every industry and niche.
What is Your Google Review Profile?
Your Google review profile includes:
  • Total number of Google reviews;

  • Total number of Google reviews in the last 30 and 90 days;

  • Overall Google review rating;

  • Age of your most recent Google reviews;

  • Total number of negative Google reviews, including recent bad reviews; and

  • Replies to both positive and negative reviews and how long it takes to reply.
Fair Warning: Never assume a perfect 5.0 Google review rating or close to it is equal to having an excellent Google review profile as several components make up your profile.

Now if you ignore our warning and make the wrong assumption (as most do)... 

You will leave new leads, new business and lost revenue on the table for your competitors to take advantage of and even worse...

You will continue doing so until you fix (and maintain) your profile.

For a competitive edge in today's fast-paced, highly-competitive, online landscape...

You need an excellent online reputation because when you do...

It's proven to not only allow you to get more leads and business for less cost, but also... 

Increase your GBP and website rankings and generate even more online traffic and leads to consult with and convert to new customers, clients or patients.

So now that you know all the benefits and financial rewards an excellent Google review profile can give you, it's now time to introduce you to...
Proprietary Automated Google Review Gathering and Reputation Marketing System
With 14,500+ new 5-star Google reviews already generated for local businesses (and counting)...

VelocityRep transforms your Google reviews into an excellent Google review profile and maintains it at that level and...

By doing so, your profile can turn into one of your business' most valuable, revenue-producing assets that's...

Proven to increase leads and conversions up to 2X-4X+.

In addition to generating an ongoing stream of new 5-star Google reviews, including up to 25-100+ in as little as five (5) days on autopilot...

VelocityRep also helps increase your firm's online visibility and rankings by quickly getting your Google review profile to excellent status, which...

Google heavily considers when ranking your GBP and website in the Google Maps and organic local search results, respectively.

With higher rankings, you can benefit from increased online traffic, along with more leads, to consult with and convert to new customers, clients or patients..

As mentioned earlier, almost all your prospects and potential new business search Google to find your services and/or products and before deciding whether to call, contact or visit you OR your competition for their service and/or product needs, will....

Read your Google reviews, which is why it's mission critical to have an excellent Google review profile at all times, which...

VelocityRep can do for you starting today.

Here's how:
4 Easy Steps For Generating an Ongoing Stream of New 5-Star Google Reviews, Including up to 25-100+ in the First 5-30 Days, on Autopilot
Step 1
Setup your custom Google review gathering campaign and
upload your initial customer, client or patient contact list
into VelocityRep
Step 2
VelocityRep instantly sends your uploaded contacts a
personalized SMS/text or email message with a
custom link to your Google reviews posting area
requesting they leave you a Google review
Step 3
 Contacts that do not leave a review prior to the next
pre-scheduled message automatically receive one (1)
or more additional text and/or email messages over
several days (a "Campaign"), with each message
requesting they write a Google review
Step 4
When a contact leaves a review, VelocityRep
automatically turns the Campaign off for that
contact so they do not receive any remaining
scheduled messages
Rinse and Repeat Steps 1-4
Rinse and repeat steps 1-4 unlimited times for ongoing
new 5-star Google reviews from other existing and
future customers, clients or patients  who have yet to
 leave you a review plus... for even more 5-star Google
reviews, VelocityRep generates reviews from other
contacts like third-party vendors, employees,
referral sources and other contacts
Concerned About Current and/or Future Bad Google Reviews? 
Don't be because...

VelocityRep's optional feedback gathering system, which may be turned on/off at any time, solves any potential future negative reviews by...

Minimizing new bad reviews by first asking your customer, client or patient for their feedback.

If their feedback indicates a great experience, they're asked to leave a review.

If it's negative, they are thanked for their input while their private feedback form is sent to you for handling as you see fit.

Also, if you have existing and/or get future negative Google reviews, which has never happened with VelocityRep...

Our bad Google reviews removal service  is available to you whenever you need it.  

It's a separate service that costs nothing ($0.00) upfront and...

You only ever pay for bad reviews we get removed for you after they are removed.

That way, all the risk is on us, which we're more than happy to take on because we are confident that our bad Google reviews removal service will get negative Google reviews removed for you as we have a...

Removal success rate of over 80%.

Now that you know how easy it is to attain and maintain your very own excellent Google review profile lightning fast as well as how to get rid of bad Google reviews fast (in as little as 3 days...

It's time for you...
Case Studies
 VelocityRep  Delivers New 5-Star Google Review Results Like This...
For Fast and Ongoing Results Like These...
Short on time? Click the "cog wheel" at bottom right-side of video screen to increase video playback speed
  • Immediate onboarding and setup for lightning fast delivery of up to 25-100 (or more) new 5-star Google reviews in the first 5-30 days, then ongoing reviews

  • 100% Automated SMS/text and email Google review requests to quickly elevate your Google review profile to excellent status, then maintain it

  • Unlimited Campaigns

  • Unlimited New 5-star Google reviews

  • Unlimited SMS/text and email messages

  • Unlimited feedback gathering form requests

  • Unlimited uploads of customer, client or patient contact information for an ongoing flow of new 5-star Google reviews

  • Custom contact form for "timely" Google review requests

  • Generate more phone and web form leads to consult with and convert to new business and additional revenue

  • Increase your conversion (closing) rate and acquire more business

  • Acquire new business for less cost on a per-lead and new business-acquired basis and increase your ROI for ALL your marketing and advertising campaigns

  • Increase your Google rankings for your GBP(s) and website

  • Generate reviews from ANY other review site with our proprietary custom review link generator 

  • No long-term contracts or agreements, month-to-month only, you may cancel at any time with notice

For an Ongoing Flow of New 5-Star Google Reviews on Autopilot, Including up to 25-100+ in the Next 5-30 Days, AND an Excellent Google Review Profile...
 ReviewPops Bonus (up to $1,587 Real Value)
Live-Stream Your New and Recent 5-Star Google Reviews on Your Site for Up to 380% More Leads!**
Supercharge Your Online Reputation With ReviewPops, Our Proprietary Reputation Marketing Software that Live-Streams Your New and Recent 5-Star Google Reviews on Your Website to Instantly Increase Your Site's Conversions for up to 4X More Leads**!
**Source: Spiegel Research Center,  Northwestern University
Your Next Step...

While our agency's primary services include helping local businesses get more leads and convert more leads to new customers, clients or patients...

We've learned these last 11 years that your online reputation can be the difference-maker between having successful lead and new business acquisition campaigns or your campaigns falling short.

That's why having a less than excellent Google review profile can be the ultimate silent lead killer.

After all, potential leads that considered calling you but didn't because your Google review profile was not up to par are not going to contact you to explain why they didn't call you.

Instead, they're going to call your competition and when this happens (and it will and does)...

You will miss out on new business and all the additional revenue that comes with it.

All without you ever even knowing it.

That's why your your Google reviews (and online reputation) are the single-biggest factor positively or negatively impacting your ability to generate leads and acquire new business.

Do you know  what your Google reviews say about your business?

Do they cast you in a favorable light?

Do you have and maintain an excellent Google review profile at all times?

Do you have new 5-star Google reviews within the last 30 days?

Do you have any recent and/or past negative Google reviews?

Do you have an ongoing flow of new 5-star Google reviews consistently coming in?

Do you have a proprietary automated Google review gathering and reputation marketing system in place that doesn't require additional time and effort on your and/or your team's part?

Do you have your new and recent 5-star Google reviews live-streaming on your website for up to 380% more phone leads?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, your Google review profile and online reputation require immediate attention.

The great news is it does not need to be or stay this way, so...

Do not let your Google reviews be detrimental to your bottom line and instead...

Take the next step.

Invest in your business by investing in VelocityRep and turn your Google review profile into your business' unfair competitive advantage and get up to...

2X-4X more leads and new business for less cost, plus higher rankings for even more online traffic, leads and new business.

And when you invest today, you'll get ReviewPops FREE for up to one (1) full year!***
To Get Started and/or Learn More...
***ReviewPops Bonus Offer Terms - When you invest in VelocityRep, you'll get ReviewPops for free for up to twelve (12) months or until you cancel and/or fail to timely pay for VelocityRep, whichever occurs first. If you violate the preceding terms, you agree we shall have the right to remotely deactivate ReviewPops at any time, in our sole discretion and, upon deactivation, ReviewPops shall immediately cease and no longer operate nor be viewed on your site. We also reserve the right to end this Bonus at any time, with or without notice.
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